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Monday, November 10, 2014

Kitsap Racing team jersey fit and order party Nov 17 & 19

Monday, November 19 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Wednesday, November 19 at 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Valholl Brewery
20186 Front St NE, Poulsbo, Washington 98370

Come to the Kitsap Racing Team Jersey Fit and Order Party at Valhöll Brewing and see what it’s all about!

Already part of the Kitsap Racing team?

Looking to get associated with a fun team that participates in mountain bike races across Washington but don’t know where to start?

New to mountain biking and want to see what it is all about?

Want a team to hangout with at mountain bike events, that is from Kitsap County?

We got you covered on all of these.

Why you should come:

• Better Pricing!!! If you order through the team store, on the JLVelo website, within 2 weeks of the fitting party, you will get better pricing due to the group rate that we will receive. After the team store closes, the prices will go up.

• We will have different sizes, for Men and Women cuts, for traditional bike jerseys in JLVelo’s Team Strip and Team Stretch lines.

• We will also have different sizes in shorts and bibs to try on.

• We will be offering downhill/all-mountain MTB jerseys, to try on, for you enduro/DH folks!

Fitting will be from 6:00-8:00 PM at the Valhöll Brewing Tasting Room in Poulsbo. Try on a kit, see what size feels and looks best, touch the material, etc., and see what you like the most.

The first 20 people to come to the fitting party, and sign-up for the team, will receive one (1) free beverage (Valhöll beer options for adults and Root Beer for anyone under 21, or who doesn’t want a Valhöll beer.)

You will not receive your jersey at this time. This is for order placement ONLY. Team store, and order acceptance, will be closed at midnight on 12/3/2014. Orders will be scheduled to ship within 4-6 weeks of that date. Just in time for the first race of the season in February!

If you are unable to make this event, then please reach out to Nathan Thayer, through Facebook, or via e-mail at, and you will be provided the website address for the team store.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Grants for Port Gamble

One of 3 Port Gamble Trails grants ranked for funding

Kitsap County applied for three grants to acquire land for Port Gamble Trails this year. Work began in March and final presentations were made in August. NKTA and volunteers worked hard to help. Thanks again to Kitsap Commissioners Gelder, Streissguth and Garrido, and to Pope Resources who gave us this opportunity.
Our community rallied to help, giving us 26 letters of support! For the final presentations, community members from NKTA, EMBA West Sound, Kitsap Audubon, Kitsap Forest and Bay and the County Parks Board, all traveled to Olympia to show support. But the prize goes our local high school mountain bike teams and coach; seven dedicated teen mountain cyclists, representing EMBA West Sound, met us at 6:30 a.m. to travel to Olympia! Wow, impressive!!
The grant process is highly competitive, one category had 72 projects competing for funding. Recreation and trails projects are especially tough to find grants for--there is simply more money to preserve sensitive habitat; shorelines, riparian corridors and salmon habitat. Projects have now been ranked, and unfortunately just one of our three grants was ranked high enough to expect funding. The Sound to Olympics Trail grant was ranked #1 in the state for both community support and threat (potential of losing the project, if unfunded), but ranked behind two huge projects (together requesting $6 million). We'll know the final outcome mid 2015, after the state budget is approved.
The grant that is ranked the most favorably (area in red on the map), is $500,000 to buy land for a 200 acre Mountain Bike Ride Park. A "Ride Park" is similar to ski runs, with bike runs designed for beginning, intermediate and advanced level riders. Our partners, West Sound Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance plan to invest lots of volunteer hours to turn that dream into reality. Providing the right location for the most active recreation, (further away from sensitive areas) is a goal that many of our partners support. There is also an extra challenge; the federal grant we hoped to provide the required 50% match ($500,000), is unlikely to be funded.
About 3/4 of the Port Gamble trails and land still have no identified funding source. With 534 acres of shoreline park, the County owns about 14% of the 3850 acres. With favorable ranking to buy half of a 200 acre Ride Park, and the expectation of $770K from DOE for land, the County still lacks funds for over 3/4 of the Port Gamble land. The next opportunity to apply for state grants is 2016.

Sound to Olympics Trail Design Meeting

Nov. 12* , Wed. 7 p.m. Final Sound to Olympics Trail design meeting
On Wednesday, Nov. 12 7 p.m. at Bainbridge City Hall, help finalize the design for Phase II of the Sound to Olympics Trail. This is the last of three community meetings to determine the design of the S.T.O. between Winslow Way and High School Road along SR 305.
* Date subject to change: more info

Friday, October 10, 2014

REI/GPC Stewardship Day

REI / GPC Stewardship Day
Port Gamble Shoreline Park – Nov 1

Plant trees at Kitsap County’s newest park.  Go home with a Get Dirty T-shirt.  Join other rock star volunteers at the new Port Gamble Shoreline Park.  We’ll start the day by removing invasive plants, and then plant the red cedar saplings that will one day shade this beautiful park.  You’ll be entered to win a great prize from REI!

Port Gamble Shoreline Park is the first land purchased through the Kitsap Forest & Bay Project’s effort to conserve nearly 7,000 acres of forestland surrounding Port Gamble Bay.  The park includes 1.5 miles of shoreline and more than 500 acres of forest for hiking, cycling, running, horseback riding, and birding.

Bring your gloves, shovels, clippers and sturdy shoes.  Enjoy the shoreline, the views, some great snacks and the company of other fabulous volunteers!  9 am – 2 pm  Details and directions  
RSVP: or (360) 373-3500

Kate Kuhlman
Operations Director
Great Peninsula Conservancy
423 Pacific Ave, Suite 401
Bremerton, WA 98337
(360) 373-3500
cell (360) 981-8691

New Port Gamble Map

New maps for the Port Gamble trails!

Port Gamble Shoeline ParkCheck out the location of Kitsap County's new Port Gamble Shoreline Park on the new maps. For a larger map, click the image.
New maps are installed on the trails and at trailheads, and are in the brochures at the trail heads. The new 534 acre park has 1.5 miles of shoreline (not very accessible yet) and can be accessed from the Bay View trailhead, about a mile south of Port Gamble on highway 104. There are no trails or parking lots on the water side of the road so please be considerate of the neighbors and don't head down their driveways. So 534 acres saved! The next challenge is the remaining 3316 acres!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chainsaw Safety Classes

From Kitsap County Parks:

The class will be about 1½ hours including a section on saw maintenance. Everyone operating a chainsaw on County Park property needs to be certified in chainsaw safety. Certification needs to be updated every 2 years. This is not a class to teach you how to use your saw, but to teach you the Kitsap County safety protocols for using a chainsaw on County property. You must have your own saw and be comfortable with using it. The exception to this is for those who want to work with a sawyer as their safety person. I encourage volunteers who are regularly on site with others who are using a chainsaw to attend this class so that you are familiar with the safety protocols and can be an extra set of eyes and ears for their partner. Sawyers must bring their own saws, in working order, to the training. You must also bring all safety equipment you have. I will have some to loan.
Space is limited in both locations. Please RSVP to Lori Raymaker at

Here is the information for each class (You only need to attend one of these.)

South County
Saturday, Oct. 25th
At the South County Road maintenance shop (2339 SE Cedar Rd, Port Orchard)

North County
Tuesday, Oct. 28th
At the North County Road maintenance shop (301 Berndt Rd, Poulsbo)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Work Party Oct 4th - Sleepy Hollow Trail

October 4 is a work event in the Olympics for a trail called sleepy hollow. Easy to get to from 101 on the Quilcene side. What's great about this is the large amount of xc trail in this area that few know about. This trail is not on the maps, but has a trailhead. Working on this area offers more connections for large rides. 

From EMBA:
Join us and Evergreen's West Sound chapter for an awesome collaborative work party with the Gray Wolf Trail Crew and the Backcountry Horsemen of WA, in the Gold / Dungeness zone of the Olympic Peninsula!  We will be riding and working on a section of the "Sleepy Hollow Trail", which connects Gold Creek to the Mt Zion trail.  This section is part of the 1200 mile Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, connecting the Continental Divide in Montana, to the Olympic Coast.

Link to Gold / Dungeness Trail description:

More Info:
We will meet at Sequim Bay State Park's main entrance, just outside the entrance kiosk at 8:30am.  We will then carpool the 30min up to the Sleepy Hollow Trailhead.  We will be focusing on cutting alder and brush from the trail cooridor.  Join us to camp Friday and Sat. nights, probably at Sequim Bay State Park.  Contact Graham @ 406 580-3636 or if interested in riding the Gold/ Dungeness loop on Friday or to meet up and camp.
What to bring:
  • A sturdy daypack capable of carrying loppers or a pruning saw
  • Rain gear and appropriate layers
  • Sturdy footwear
  • Bike and related gear
  • Favorite hand saw or loppers if you have them
  • Lunch, water, snacks
  • Camping gear if planning to spend the night(s)
  • Glasses and work gloves if you have some
We will provide:
  • tools for trailwork
  • Clif bar snacks
  • work gloves if needed
  • apres work beverages