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Monday, February 16, 2015

Thinning at Port Gamble

Reprinted from NKTA:

Temporary Port Gamble trail
closures for timber thinning

Pope Resources will be doing some timber thinning starting probably in March and running throughout the end of the year. They'll do a combination of pre-commercial thinning (cutting really small trees & leaving them in the forest - approximately 375 acres) and commercial thinning (thinning medium trees that have some harvest value - approximately 500 acres). There will be rotating trail closures where they'll be doing the work. Just like when the lettuce in your garden is too close together and you pull up the skinny ones to give the others room to grow, a timber farm does the same thing but their crop is bigger and takes 40 years, not 4 months to grow! 
Here's a map of what's planned, if you click on it you can see more detail. The exact dates of trail and trail head closures aren't known yet but we'll have updates on our website and Pope Resources will have the most current information, including when specific trails and trailheads will be closed and when they are reopened on their website.
Most of the work is in the south half of the trails, so if you arrive at your favorite trailhead and it's closed, head north to another open trailhead and explore some north end trails. Maps are at every trailhead, so take one with you if you're exploring new territory. Trail access will continue to be permitted in areas not subject to active harvesting operations. 
The timber crews are scheduling their work around all of the trail events, so those will proceed as planned. And the Uplands Trailhead and the new County Shoreline Park trailhead will remain open the whole time. The trailheads at Stottelmeyer and Port Gamble Road will have some total closures, and there will be rotating trail closures in the area south of the Shoreline Park and "Downhell". 
Remember, 86% of the Port Gamble trails are owned by Pope Resources and we're guests on their private tree farm. If the sign says trail closed, it really means it, for your safety and those of their contractors. The work is expected to be finished by the end of 2015, so don't worry, your favorite trail will be open again soon. Please stay safe and stay out of their way!

Port Gamble Trailhead Cleanup

Please help with Port Gamble trailhead cleanup!!
Saturday February 21, 8:30 AM - 1 PM

If you care about trails and love the Port Gamble trails like we do, please come help spruce up the trail heads. On Saturday morning, February 21 NKTA is teaming up with our partners Kitsap County Parks, EMBA-West Sound and Great Peninsula Conservancy for one big Port Gamble trail head cleanup day. We'll meet at the Uplands parking area (closest to Port Gamble) at 8:30 and from there spread out to the different trail heads. Unfortunately, over the years people have dumped garbage at the trailheads, and there's even been a lost bike helmet or two. Yes, we'll be picking up garbage but we promise it will be fun, and afterwards we'll have a BBQ and celebrate the good work we've done. We'll mostly be near the roads (so probably not great for little kids), bagging and loading stuff right onto the trucks to be hauled away. Bring your leather gloves and your old clothes. The rest of us will bring the garbage bags, the trucks and the food!
Also, we need your help keeping an eye on the trail heads. If you see someone dumping garbage or driving doughnuts in a parking area, please call the police. We all want our trailheads clean and safe, so let's team up. Just like on the ferries, if you "See something, Say something!"

Grovers Creek

Reprinted from NKTA:

Grovers Creek

A place that will awe you! The next piece in the Kitsap Forest and Bay puzzle, will be Great Peninsula Conservancy's acquisition of the 270-acre Grovers Creek Preserve. This special place has been hidden from view, protected by a matrix of wetlands. It has trees so big and flowers so small, it simply takes your breath away. And it's in the middle of the entire Kitsap Forest and Bay Project. Saving Grovers Creek Preserve will connect wildlife habitat, forestlands and trails. The Sound to Olympics trail will skirt the wetland and is planned to connect North Kitsap Heritage Park, Kingston and Indianola to the Port Gamble trails. Public grants and private donations totaling $1.775 million have been raised, but $325,000 more will be needed by May 2015.
"Grovers Creek Preserve is a magical place of big trees, bears and beavers that reminds us of the Kitsap Peninsula of long ago," commented Sandra Staples-Bortner, Executive Director of Great Peninsula Conservancy. "We are delighted to be working with the many project partners to save this land for all time."
Grovers Creek Preserve is literally across Miller Bay road from the recently expanded 800-acre North Kitsap Heritage Park. This is hoped to be the third acquisition in the Kitsap Forest and Bay Project, a community-driven initiative to protect thousands of acres of forests, wetlands and shoreline for public access and wildlife habitat, and to secure miles of trails connecting to a cross-state trail system. 
"It's a case where the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts," said Kitsap County Commissioner Rob Gelder. "Our investments will enhance our economy, ensure our quality of life and protect the habitat we all value." 
A public fundraising campaign is planned for this spring. If you are interested in learning more about Grovers Creek and how you can help preserve this special place, please visit the Kitsap Forest & Bay website or send us an email.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Poulsbo Pump Track public support meeting Feb 23rd

Come out and join other locals in showing public support at Poulsbo City Hall for a pump track in Poulsbo.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Port Gamble Trailheads Cleanup Day

Port Gamble Trailheads Cleanup Day
Saturday, February 21 at 8:30am
Uplands trailhead
Come help spruce up the Port Gamble trailheads. On Saturday Feb. 21 Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance West Sound is teaming up with partners Great Peninsula Conservancy, Kitsap County Parks, North Kitsap Trails Association for one big trailhead cleanup day. We’ll meet at the Upland parking area (off Hwy 104, just south of the town of Port Gamble) at 8:30 am and from there spread out to trail heads to pick up and bag years of accumulated garbage. Afterwards we’ll celebrate our good work with a BBQ. We’ll be working near busy highways (not recommended for young children), bagging and loading garbage into trucks to be hauled away. Bring your leather gloves and wear old clothes. We’ll provide garbage bags, the trucks and the BBQ picnic!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

Follow up Beaver Pond work party Jan 31st

Volunteers will be turning out again on Jan 31st to finish off parts of Beaver Pond that didn't get complete on the 24th.