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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Selective Logging at Newberry

Selective logging has begun out at Newberry. Or 20' wide road building, depending on where you look. Work areas are behind the fire station and behind the gas station. 

If you wish to ride Locomotive Breath, get out there ASAP. The woods that trail exists in are all dog hair so that trail will never be the same. 

Supposedly the affected trails are going to be put back in, but experience on other public lands leaves that in question.

At any rate, be aware of and look out for changes in familiar trails the next time you go out there.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Port Gamble Trail Grants

From NKTA:

Kitsap County applies for 3 Port Gamble Trails grants

Port Gamble Trails Conceptual PlanNKTA is working closely with Kitsap County and County staff to help with three applications for state and federal grants to acquire Port Gamble land for trails. This spring 35 community members from 17 organizations helped create the Conceptual Site Plan for Port Gamble Trails in a series of three workshops. Thanks to all of those who participated and our professional volunteers (Wenzlau Architects, Fischer-Bauma , Sean Parker & Doug Maraist) ! You can find the "Conceptual Plan" and the accompanying goalsonline.
Kitsap County is already using that work to seek grant funds. One of the grants is focused on acquiring the Sound to Olympics Trail corridor and the other two are to buy land on the Babcock ridge for a 200 acre Mountain Bike Ride Park. Our partners, West Sound Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance (EMBA) plan to invest lots of volunteer hours to turn that dream into reality. Providing the right location for the most active recreation (further away from sensitive areas) is a goal that many of our partners support. Our community rallied around this grant effort and we were able to get 26 letters of support, including Washington Bikes, Congressman Kilmer, Senator Rolfes, Representatives Hansen and Appleton, Visit Kitsap, Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe, Kitsap Audubon, Kitsap Public Health district, all our local bike organizations and partners in Poulsbo, Kingston, Suquamish, Bainbridge and the non-profit community.
Port Gamble TrailsSpecial thanks to Kitsap County and the land owner, Pope Resources who have given us this next opportunity. County Commissioners Gelder, Streissguth and Garrido, plus Parks Director Dunwiddie all supported the grant effort and put their stellar staff to work on the project. The grants have been submitted, presentations will happen in August and the projects will be ranked this fall. We won't know the final outcome until mid 2015, after the state budget is approved. Read Commissioner Gelder's article on the Ride Park projects.
It's important to remember, even if all 3 grants succeed, we still have a LONG way to go. The great majority of the Port Gamble trails and land still have no identified funding source. With 534 acres of the shoreline in County ownership, the County now owns about 14% of the Port Gamble land and trails. If we are successful with all three of these next grants, we'll have secured trail access to just under 30% of the Port Gamble trail network. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grants and Green Mtn!

Copy, put your name on this to assist Jesse in getting a grant for future trail planning on Green.
Send to:
Washington State Recreation and Conservation Funding Board
PO Box 40917
Olympia, WA 98504-0917
Dear Members of the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board,
I am writing on behalf of (INSERT NAME OF ORGANIZATION) to express our enthusiastic support of DNR’s proposals to the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office for planning and development projects located on the Kitsap Peninsula.
The proposed projects are part of a broader vision developed by the Green Mountain and Tahuya State Forests Recreation Plan, which guides how recreation will be managed on DNR-lands on the Kitsap Peninsula over the next 10-15 years. Public input and participation during the process helped identify recreation trends and issues that are addressed in the plan.
The following proposed projects were identified as a high priority during the planning process. These proposals address the need to improve access at popular recreation sites, expand trails and connections to meet growing public demand, and reduce natural resource damage. Proposals also ask for much needed funding to aid DNR in their ongoing maintenance and education and enforcement work. The proposed grants are listed by their title in numerical order:
14-1843 Tahuya & Green Mountain Maintenance
14-1844 Tahuya & Green Mountain Education and Enforcement
14-1845 Tahuya trail water quality –Phase 2: Continue working to eliminate sediment delivery issues associated with recreation trails serving Dirt Bikes, Quads, 4x4’s, Equestrians, Mountain Bikes, Hikers, and fishing and foraging.
14-1846 Green Mountain GM-1 Area Planning: Design of a new trailhead and motorized/ multiple-use trails in the western half of Green Mountain State Forest serving ORV’s, mountain biking and hiking
14-1847 Tahuya 4x4 Trail Development: Expansion of 4x4 trails in Tahuya State Forest and enhancement of technical features on the trails
14-1848 Green Mountain Trail Planning: Planning and design of non-motorized trails in the eastern half of Green Mountain State Forest serving hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.
We consider DNR to be a valuable partner in the stewardship of public lands, which provide valuable opportunities for people to connect with nature within easy reach of 60% of the state’s population. We fully support DNR in their ongoing work to improve public access and provide enjoyable and sustainable recreation opportunities for a wide range of users including hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, trail runners, motorcycle, ATV and 4x4 riders, campers, fishers and nature enthusiasts to name a few.
Thank you and we hope that you will also support these projects.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blog offline for a while

The blog will be offline for a while.  It will remain up for maps access and links.

There may be some chatter on the KMB Facebook page in the meantime.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sound to Olympics Trail

Reposted from NKTA:

Sound to Olympics Trail

More great news! Kitsap County Public Works just advertised for proposals to hire a consultant to complete a feasibility study of NKTA's proposed route across the Divide. That is the two mile long trail corridor between Miller Bay Road and Port Gamble-Suquamish Road-so the link between the North Kitsap Heritage Park and the Port Gamble trails. Our volunteers worked really hard to find a trail route through this area last year when we applied for the Birkenfeld grant. Having lost our boots more than a few times, we know it's a tricky area with both wetlands and a crossing of Grover's creek, so we're glad to have the help of professionals. NKTA really appreciates Kitsap County's leadership and the good folks at Kitsap County Public Works who will be doing some intense homework on this vital & challenging link!

Updated Stottlemeyer / Port Gamble Map

Big thanks to John Hawkins and Matt Slaney for the new map.  You can download it here